Cocktail Recipes

Requirements for making the seven 4-ingredient-cocktails

Stephen MuiruriJan 15, '22

A table with the requirements for making a range a cocktails.

6 Cocktails with tequila

Stephen MuiruriJun 23, '21

 CRANBERRY MARGARITA Ingredients 30ml tequila 15ml triple sec  15ml lime juice 15ml cranberry juice 1 lime ice cubes 1 orange salt Instructions Crate some orange zest and place onto a saucer. Rub the rim of your choice of glass with a lime wedge and apply it to orange zest. Put all ingredients into a...

Orange Cordial

Stephen MuiruriApr 28, '21

The recipe for making your own orange cordial suitable for making orange-forward cocktails leaning more towards sweet.

Make lime cordial at home

Stephen MuiruriApr 25, '21

Lime cordial isn't always available in the markets here in Finland or in the alcohol shop namely Alko. It hasn't been available on the Alko web shop long. The Rose's lime cordial syrup has a different texture and flavor as it has a number of additives and sweeteners. This is what set...